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La Clessidra

Bed and Breakfast La Clessidra is located in Piazza del Carmine, a large and historic town square, in the center of town, opposite the Post Office building that dates back to the royal period, in a historic building in 1920, in the 2 floor (with elevator) where the rooms are located and a large living room where the guests are consumed a frugal breakfast.

The rooms are spacious and bright all with private bath.

La Clessidra is just 50 meters from the Railway Station, Bus Station, the terminus of the bus connecting the various parts of the city in particular, the shuttle bus to the airport every 15 minutes, and the beautiful and famous beach Poetto that reached in about 10 minutes.

There are also within 100 meters the Town Hall, the Bank of 'Italy and the major Banks, The Palace of the Regional Council and several regional offices, the Maritime Station and main shopping streets, restaurants and inns, shops local handicrafts, coffee houses the famous Via Roma with its arcades, the Largo Felice and other nearby streets to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

Bed and Breakfast La Clessidra - SquareCarmineNo. 8 -Floor 2°- Internal 9 - 09124 Cagliari
Tel. + 39 339 3949757  + 39 334 9458308